Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities at WLB

WLB offers the following activities for students in Grades 5-8 to participate in:

Boys' Baseball - August & September - Approximately 20 games per season
Cross Country- August & September - Information
Girls' Softball - Co-op with Lincoln Jr. High, Chester-East Lincoln, Carroll, and New Holland-Middletown - August & September - Approximately 15 games per season
Girls' Basketball - September - November - Approximately 20 games per season
Literary - 1 competition held in early November
Boys' Basketball - November - February - Approximately 20 games per season
Cheerleading - Runs concurrent with Boys' Basketball
Poms- Runs concurrent with Boys' Basketball
Girls' Volleyball - January - March - Approximately 20 games per season
Scholastic Bowl - March - May - Approximately 8 to 10 meets per season

Track - April & May - Approximately 12 meets per season                                              


Wrestling-December-February-Approximately 15 matches (Co-op with LJHS)

*Other activities are available. Please visit www.iesa.org or contact AD Horn for more information.
*Parents must make arrangements with a coach or other parent designee to supervise students any time they remain at school between dismissal and athletic events and/or practices. Students may not leave the school/event grounds (for fast food, etc.) and return. A parent must provide written permission to the coach or designated supervisor for any exception.

*Only West Lincoln-Broadwell coaches, assistant coaches, managers, cheerleaders, and athletes, or others at the discretion of the Athletic Director, are allowed on buses. Students riding the bus must ride the bus home, unless signed out by a parent or legal guardian, or written permission to ride with another parent, is provided to the coach/sponsor.

*Students who stay to observe games or other activities should be in designated areas only. *Students violating this rule may be barred from future activities.

Athletic Director
Curtis Conrady
[email protected]

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Eligibility for most athletics is also governed by the rules of the Illinois Elementary School Association and, if applicable, these rules will apply in addition to this Athletic Code. In a case of a conflict between IESA and this Athletic Code, the most stringent rule will be enforced.

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