PAW Handbook

PAW Handbook

Mission Statement
WLB will strive to promote a climate that enhances student learning through teaching and recognizing positive behavior. This program will help us create a safe, responsible, and respectful environment.

Purpose Statement
The purpose of implementing positive behavior supports and interventions is to:

  • Model and teach respectful, safe, responsible and ready to learn behavior.
  • Re-teach behaviors when needed as indicated by school wide data.
  • Celebrate expected behavior and recognize appropriate student behavior.

The focus of this program will be to proactively support the educational environment by teaching and modeling expectations of students. The overall goal is to educate students on acceptable behaviors and practices while minimizing disruptions to the learning process. Students will be recognized and celebrated for positive behavior.

Model and Teach Respectful, Safe, Responsible,
and Ready to Learn Behavior

All students will be directly taught behavior expectations listed in the Behavior Matrix through lessons called Cool Tools, Second Step, and Stop, Walk and Talk, and reinforcement of positive behavior.

These are lessons teachers will use to teach students expected behaviors.

Stop, Walk, and Talk
Students are taught how to empower themselves and others through this strategy.
STOP: Students say "STOP" if a problem is occurring
WALK: If the problem continues…students will walk away from the problematic
TALK: If the problem continues…it is time to TALK to an adult.

Designated Teach Times
Time will be spent daily during the first few weeks of the year teaching/modeling for students expected behaviors. They need to practice!!!! Tuesday and Thursday mornings (after announcements) will be devoted to a Cool Tool lesson, Second Step lesson, Teach Town lesson, and/or other resources that are appropriate.

Mondays: Check In Circles
Fridays: Check Out Circles

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