Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco & PEDS

In accordance with state law, smoking and drinking is prohibited on school property. Possession or use of tobacco, electronic cigarettes, alcohol or unauthorized prescription or over the counter drugs at school, on the school bus, or at school-sponsored events by students will be considered grounds for suspension or expulsion on the first offense. Unauthorized drugs are those drugs for which a student does not have a valid doctor's prescription or a current note from the parent or guardian.

Except with respect to prescription drugs used by the person for whom such drugs were prescribed in the manner intended by the prescribing medical doctor, the possession, use, distribution, purchase or sale of any alcoholic beverage, drug, drug paraphernalia, controlled substance, look alike, tobacco or tobacco product or any other substance which, when taken into the human body is intended to enhance performance or alter mood or mental state, including any item or substance which is represented by a student to be, or is believed by a student to be any of the foregoing, regardless of the true nature or appearance of the substance, is prohibited in school buildings, on school buses and on all other school property or school related events at any time. This prohibition shall include all school sponsored or school related activities, whether held before or after school, evenings or weekends and shall additionally include a prohibition of use by a student athlete in any instance where the school can demonstrate a reasonable connection to the school program or school athletic program. For purposes of this procedure, students who are under the influence of prohibited substances shall be treated in the same manner as though they had prohibited substances in their possession.

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